Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule and Package Deals


                    1  Hr:     $80            I accept most credit cards (Visa, M/C, Discover, and AMEX), 

                  90  Min:  $110           debit cards, checks, cash, and Wells Fargo Sure Pay (electronic     

                    2  Hr:    $140           transfers).  Whichever is most convenient for you.

A 1 Hr massage is 60 minutes on my table - Not the typical "Spa Hour" of 50 minutes on the table.

There are no extra fees for Aroma Therapy, Deep Tissue work, or Deep Thumper work.


I believe everyone will benefit from regular massages.  To encourage this I offer discounts for package deals:

       Purchase a 5 pack of massages = each massage is $5 off.   Your savings = $25.

       Purchase a 10 pack of massages = each massage is $10 off.  Your savings = $100.

       i.e.  A 10 pack of 60 minute massages = 10 ($80 - $10) = $700.

No expiration dates on any package.  Stretch your appointments out for 1, 2, or even 3 years if you wish.


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