When first entering my massage room you are soothed by the view of a small Redwood Forest immediately outside my windows

Ultra thick padded massage table with temperature controlled heating pad with fleece cover for your comfort and warmth

Heated bean bags for additional warmth across your shoulders and spine

Boiance face cradle with pressure relieving gel pads imbedded at the 8 points of facial contact

Arm rest under face cradle

Only Deluxe thickness Cotton Flannel Sheets

Wide selection of music:  soothing classical, ocean surf, waterfalls, new wave, acoustic, or bring in your own favorite CDs

Soothing sounds from a flowing water fountain

Fluffy robe to wear if a trip to the bathroom is necessary during your massage

Electric lift under massage table for quick height adjustments to "sink in deeper"

Thumper Maxi Pro percussive massager as used by professional sports teams to soothe aching muscles, release stress, and improve circulation

When lying face up I use a custom made oversized knee bolster designed to flatten and relieve pressure from your low back.  All of my clients love this feature and can't wait for that special "Ahhhhh" moment

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